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Shootings, stabbings, car crashes all mean busier emergency departments; constant reminders that a city can be a cruel and bloody place. Overwhelming the staff members, especially those starting their shifts, with questions. What happened? Why a person is there? What stage is the person's care? Who is caring for them? What is blocking the next step in their treatment? Are we going to be tight for beds?


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Mayo Clinic YES Board® instantly answers these and many other questions for Timely Delivery of Patient Care Resulting in Higher Provider & Patient Satisfaction

Performance Improvements with Yes Board


Multi-patient dashboard that provides real time situational awareness in the Emergency Department to improve patient flow and facility efficiency 

The Mayo Clinic YES Board® Offers:

  • Big-picture view of patient flow with continuously updated health status and care team warnings.
  • HIPAA compliant multi-patient view accessible from any monitor with patient level case details available upon demand.
  • The “Replay” feature that enhances your ability to do process reviews or support Six Sigma initiatives.
  • Saves time spent on data/information reviews increasing availability for patient care.
  • Instant situational awareness for the entire care team in the department.
  • Eliminates information barriers for faster care delivery.

The Mayo Clinic YES Board® is a Class I Medical Device.

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Mayo Clinic YES Board® / RFID

Further minimize the error probabilities by upgrading the ED infrastructure with RFID readers. Instantly locate all ED resources, e.g. all equipment, including but not limited to instruments, gurneys, life support equipment, etc. with their attached RFID tags.

The low cost RFID embedded in the patient wrist tags enable tracing patients in the room, corridor or restroom. Coupled with the staff badges, determine who is in the room with the patient and how much care time a patient is receiving.

The possibilities are endless ...  


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